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Position: Church Administrative Assistant (Part-Time)

Job Description:

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the general office management, membership updates, appointment scheduling, receptionist duties, upkeep of the church calendar and weekly worship program, and all general church communications.


General Office Management:

  •       Order office supplies as needed.
  •       Order Sunday School literature each quarter.
  •       Check pews each week and keep supplied with visitor cards, offering envelopes and pens.
  •       Keep BBC website updated.
  •       Learn and use ACS Technology software.
  •         o   Compile pertinent information on each new member in an electronic database and assign a contribution number for each.
  •          o   Document new members, births, deaths, baptism, baby dedications, transfers, etc.
  •       Keep on file a copy of the annual Church Profile prepared by the Church Clerk.
  •       Type the agenda for the Deacons’ Meetings.
  •       Prepare flyers and brochures as directed.


Reception/Communication Activities:

  •       Keep the ministerial staff and deacons informed of pertinent information concerning church members.
  •       Receive, screen and direct incoming calls and greet visitors.
  •       Send out electronic/phone messages about church deaths, illnesses, etc.
  •       Develop and maintain monthly electronic newsletter.
  •       Prepare a directory from the church member database file.
  •         o   Each year, email a copy to those who desire an electronic copy and print a copy for those who want a hard copy.
  •         o   Keep copies in the office for pickup.
  •       Notify the Bereavement Team as need arises.
  •         o   Set up memorial record for any donations designated for BBC.
  •         o   Keep a record of the names and addresses of those making donations, the amount of the donation and write acknowledgements of donations and thank you notes.


Appointment Scheduling/Church Calendar:

  •       Keep an accurate record of the church calendar of events on the website and electronic calendar.
  •       Post events on Facebook and the church website.
  •       Prepare ministry schedules weekly.



Worship Program:

  •       Prepare and print bulletins and prayer sheet for Sunday Service.
  •       Make copies of the recorded worship service and distribute as requested.
  •       Prepare Baptismal Certificates and Baby Dedication Certifications as needed.


  • Others tasks as assigned by Lead Pastor.

You can download a copy of these job requirements by clicking here